How to Recover the Missing App Store Icon on iPhone and iPad

The App Store app isn't one of the apps that can be deleted, but with iOS 14 it can be removed from the home screen. If you have iOS 14, you can go to the app library (swipe left past your last home screen) and press and hold an app to slide it back to the left to the home screen. Unfortunately, there's no way to permanently delete the App Store from the iPhone. It's important to remember that this is one of the essential native applications that cannot be deleted and there is no icon with an “x” once you start the oscillation of the removal application.

So what can you do? The App Store icon may be hidden on another home screen. Therefore, you can try to reset the home screen so that the application icons return to their default places. If you want to hide apps from the home screen, maybe to clear clutter or because you don't want others to see the apps you use, I suggest following the steps in the tutorials How to Delete Apps on Apple TV and How to Delete Apps from Apple Watch. You can use these tutorials to remove Apple and third-party applications that you have installed.

These applications are embedded in the iPhone cake, so to speak, and therefore constitute a part of the operating system itself rather than an additional application. And when you have one, you can always reinstall the app from the App Store (if you haven't deleted it, of course). Some users may consider this to be an extreme measure, since you need to revert the changes to update your applications or download new ones. After all, the App Store acts as a lineage that provides the necessary application updates to ensure that your iPhone doesn't have too many bugs or slow down.

In case you can't find the app store icon after searching everywhere on your iPhone, your device is likely preventing you from accessing it. Therefore, if you're worried about the possibility of it being removed on your iPhone, there are some methods that can help recover it. For example, in iOS 14 and iOS 15 it is possible to simply delete an application from the home screen and, at the same time, keep it on the device and access it through search and application library. Here are some methods to recover the missing App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Check if it's hidden in another home screen.
  • Reset your home screen.
  • Reinstall it from App Store.
If none of these methods work for you, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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