How to Access Apps Without Downloading Them

Google Play Instant and Apple App Clips are two great options for Android and iOS users who want to access applications without downloading them. With Google Play Instant, Android users can test many apps and games before downloading and installing them. If they're satisfied, they can download and install the app or game. This allows users to go straight to testing an application or game, instead of waiting for the download to finish.

Apple App Clips, on the other hand, allow iOS 14 users to take advantage of the functionality of an application without downloading it completely to their iPhone. The lightning bolt icon is the signifier of the Play Store for instant applications. This process is made even faster with the new Android app publishing format, the Android App Bundle. If you need to use the service again, Apple saves a copy of the App Clip in the “Library of recently added applications” folder.

This makes it easy for users to access apps without having to download them again.

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