How to Fix Missing App Icons on Windows 10 and Android

Are you wondering why your Windows 10 or Android device is not showing the taskbar icons? Don't worry, we have the perfect guide to help you fix this issue quickly. In Windows 10, tablet mode makes the device touchable so you can use your computer without a keyboard or mouse.

iPhone 6s iOS 1.2

users have reported that the 4lio app icon does not appear, so make sure you check your assets, cassettes and all necessary app icons. You might be surprised to find that the icon of an app you had previously installed is missing. To fix this issue, go to the settings and select applications.

You will see that all the applications that are missing on the home screen and in the main menu of the application are still installed. All you need to do is reset your launcher and delete the widget that you had and can't recover because the application icon has disappeared from the drawer, like 75% of the icons in your application. Once the Drawer style is launched, only a few applications will be displayed on the home screen and all applications will be stored in the drawer. For some Android models, the application will be installed automatically when the download process is finished. To make sure that all apps are visible, delete the cache and data of the application whose icon is missing in the same way that you deleted the data from the starting application. If you find that all applications are installed but still don't appear on the home screen, you can uninstall and reinstall them.

This issue has been reported by Samsung Note 3 users who experienced all their downloaded applications disappearing and couldn't find their icons on the home page. To fix this issue, close the settings app, go to the home screen and scroll from left to right; all your apps should be there. If you still can't find an app icon, search for it and drag it to make it visible again. It would be great if someone created an application that would take an inventory of installed applications and list associated icons that are missing on home screens.

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