Where Does the App Go After Downloading?

When you download an app from the App Store, it usually appears on the home screen or on a later app screen. In iOS 14 and later, new downloads also appear in the Recently Added section of the app library. For Mac users, the apps are stored in the applications folder. On Android devices, the downloaded files are usually stored in a “Downloads” folder within a file manager.

The Internet browser you use to download a file can determine where it is saved. Most browsers save a file in a download folder in the user profile folder on your computer. Some applications allow you to choose a cloud storage folder if you have the cloud service application on your device. You can also install a file management application on your iPad or iPhone, such as the & Browser File Manager application.

A small minority of Google Pixel owners have reported that they cannot find downloaded photos or files in the Files application. This is usually due to permission problems resulting from using the Google application to download images. To search for a file downloaded to your iPad or iPhone, open the compatible application and use it to view or run the file. If you used a particular application to download a specific file, try searching that application to access the file. If you want to get new applications for your computer, you must use the App Store (located in the Applications folder).

Microsoft Store is familiar on any device. You can search for free and paid apps, such as Adobe Reader, view their popularity and ratings, and download them to your device.

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