Exploring the Best Alternatives to Apple App Store

Apple's App Store may have worldwide recognition, but it's not the only app store with the best free apps. For any application owner who wants to launch their application, the hegemony between Apple and Google forces them to face 2.1 million Android apps and 1.8 million iOS apps. But third-party app stores do pay for downloads and often have more lucrative app offerings than the two popular app stores. In this article, we'll explore the potential opportunities and benefits of third-party app stores, and show you the best alternatives for iOS app stores, Android app stores, Chinese app stores and many more different applications.

One of the most popular third-party app stores for iOS is Tweakbox. This store is an alternative for iOS users who want to install any modified application without the Apple app store. It's easy to use and has a pretty attractive design. Tweakbox consists of several applications & games that are not easily found in Apple's official app store. Founded in 2004 by Ilja Laurs, GetJar is an alternative app store for iPhone and an independent app store created by app developers for app developers as a platform for beta testing applications.

The Apple app store download alternative has more than 0.85 million applications available on the platform and is backed by investors from Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management. Appland is another great alternative to the iOS App Store if you're trying to target end users in international markets such as Indonesia, Mexico, Oman, the US. USA, Iran, El Salvador, Malaysia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Panama, Myanmar, Cambodia, Egypt, etc. Appland lags a bit behind when it comes to conceptual clarity in terms of the distribution and revenue model, but the app store support is extremely responsive, so it deserves your consideration. Like TutuApp, we have AppValley next on our list of the best iOS alternatives for the App Store. This is one of the main third-party app stores: iOS offers its users one of the largest selections of free content, along with modified and unofficial content for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

You can also go ahead and explore what else AppValley offers its users. From the famous third-party applications for iOS to the newly released ones, the range of published applications is enormous in this TweakBox alternative. Google Play Store alone hosts millions of apps, which means that app owners who submit an app to the Play Store have to compete with hundreds and thousands of competing mobile apps that are published annually. Even so, not all Android apps are approved when they are first submitted. However, since Google follows the approach of an open app market, Android app owners can use the policy to their advantage by submitting their application to some of the best alternatives from Android app stores. Everyone reeling from industry rumors knows about Amazon's e-commerce disruptions, including its famous cashier-free AmazonGo stores.

But what most (including app owners) forget is that this e-commerce giant also has an App Store as good as Google Play Store. It quickly rose to fame as the second best alternative to Google Play Store. The alternative to Android App Store also makes security a priority as all SlideMe apps are scanned for viruses and vulnerabilities before they are reviewed and approved by their publishers. To top it all off, SlideMe has a strong community of developers and advisors who help developers with code snippets, bug fixes and more. In addition to hosting a free marketplace of multiple mobile games, web applications and even videos, 1Mobile makes finding apps for end users extremely simple.

In the meantime, developers can test beta and free versions of paid apps in this major app store. Once they meet security criteria they can publish their applications. Unlike other Play Stores, app owners don't have to worry about promotions as 1Mobile has a built-in recommendation system that helps apps attract an audience as soon as they reach the market. This makes it easier for end users to search for apps based on categories and also offers a more personalized recommendation platform. The alternative to Google Play Store adopts a highly transparent application promotion model which offers cost-per-install (CPI) pricing unincentivized user traffic fraud detection algorithms limits per app promotion campaign and per day segmentation by user as your CPI offer increases or decreases for maximum conversion.

Since Google Play Store was banned in China Chinese tech giants Tencent and Xiaomi created their own Chinese App Stores leading to emergence of a third major App Market that serves world's largest population and fastest growing economy. Baidu is China's main search engine and second largest search engine in world right after Google. And like Google Baidu also has its own App Store which offers both free & paid apps.

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