How to Download Apps Without Password

Do you want to download free apps on your iPhone or iPad without having to enter a password? It's possible! With TuTu Helper installed on iOS Emu, you can now search for apps and download them without having an Apple ID. Another alternative is to download an older version of iTunes that should be compatible with the recently removed App Store. To get started, tap Settings and then scroll down to iTunes & App Store. From here, tap Password Settings.

You'll be asked to enter your Apple ID password. Remember that this option will only affect purchases that are free. You'll continue to receive promotions to get a password or a Touch ID scanner for any monetary transaction on the App Store or iTunes. In general, I don't particularly like authenticating free app downloads with the Apple ID password or even with Face ID (or Touch ID).

From now on, you can download and install as many free applications as you want on your iPhone or iPad and you won't have to enter a password. You can also do this by going to your Emu app for iOS and then tapping the install button next to the letter “T” at the bottom of the app. The reason for this is that companies can use iTunes to easily implement their applications and for users to support them. This is how you can quickly and effortlessly download free apps to your iPhone or iPad without entering the password. If you (or someone else) try to purchase an app on the App Store, the password request will appear again.

I like touch identification, so there's no way to turn it off just to be able to download free apps without putting your thumb on the reader. TuTu helper acts as the same tool as the Apple Store and allows you to easily download any application without having to enter your Apple ID and password information. It's also important to remember that these changes will only work for free apps in the App Store. Let's face it, no matter how good Apple's App Store is, the need to enter a password for a free application is silly.

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