Do I Need Both App Store and Apple Store?

If you're looking to download and run apps on your iPhone, the App Store is the place to go. It offers users higher quality applications than Google Play, but doesn't offer any push app installation system. On the other hand, the Apple Store is where you can buy a new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Google Play Store offers more options than the App Store, such as automatic installation of applications in an instant.

However, it also has a higher chance of buggy apps that could cause security issues. Apple and Google have added more barriers to entry for developers and removed millions of apps from their respective stores in an attempt to improve quality across the ecosystem. An executive board led by Apple's senior vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller, meets every week to discuss controversial apps or other iPhone software programs that may violate Apple's App Store guidelines. Five VPN apps raised warning signs due to suspicious ratings and user complaints on the App Store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has argued that he needs to control the distribution of applications on iPhones in order to prevent it from becoming “a flea market”. Google Play Store generates more downloads than the Apple App Store because it is available for a wider range of products. Willison, who owns a Samsung TV, went to his phone's App Store to install the accompanying Samsung remote control application called SmartThings. Considering the approval time of an application, you can easily understand which of the two app stores offers higher quality applications and is more secure for its users.

On the day of testimony, there were 18 apps that The Post defined as scams among Apple's highest-grossing apps. Apple may continue to operate in China with its app store, although the Chinese government regularly sweeps the store to remove apps and games. Some rejections fall into gray areas in Apple's policies or are sensitive to the public, and those rejections go to an executive review board (ERB). There are also specialized app and game stores outside of mobile devices, such as Steam, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store app for PC.

Last year, the ERB and Schiller made the decision to ban the Infowars app from the App Store for violating content policies after publishing threats to a journalist. Apple has long maintained that its exclusive control of the App Store is essential to protect customers and that it only allows the best applications to enter its system. The most important advantage of the Apple App Store from the user's point of view is that it offers high-quality and thoroughly tested applications. The application economy was based on these two platforms, which have expanded their offering to include applications for consumers and all types of businesses.

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