13 Ways to Fix an App That Says Purchased But Won't Download

It can be incredibly frustrating when you purchase an app from the Apple Store and it won't download. You may see the error message “Verification required” before downloading an app, which usually happens when there's a problem with the payment method. If you're having trouble downloading apps, here are 13 ways to fix the issue. First, add a payment method to your Apple ID to purchase apps or subscriptions.

You can add funds to your Apple ID to purchase apps in the App Store, iCloud Storage, and more. Second, make sure you have enabled downloads and purchases from iTunes & App Store. This will stop the “Verification Required” pop-up error. Third, if you just performed a restore from iCloud or transferred it from an old device, the apps might not be downloadable.

Fourth, ensure that you have continuous and good speed Internet connectivity to seamlessly download any application from the Apple Store. When the mobile feature is enabled, the iPhone will use your mobile provider's 3G, 4G or 5G network, if available, to download apps and movies when you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Fifth, if you can't download any apps after applying the troubleshooting methods above, contact Apple through their online support or visit the nearest Apple Store. Sixth, if you had a computer, you could have tried downloading the app to iTunes and then syncing it from there to your iPad. Seventh, even if you purchased the app and then deleted it, the download button will be the same as the cloud icon seen above. Eighth, no, once an application has been downloaded to an account, it will remain linked to that account and cannot be deleted from your purchase history. Ninth, most of the time, you should be able to re-download an app you've purchased, even if it's been removed from the App Store. Tenth, this screen shows all the apps you've downloaded or purchased for any iOS device with this Apple ID. Eleventh, if you don't have a computer, you can't sync it from there to your iPad.

Twelfth, check that you haven't disabled app purchases as part of the privacy restrictions for content & on your iPhone. Thirteenth, check that your iPhone has never purchased an application or downloaded a free one. If none of these methods work for you and you still can't download an item again or if you don't see it in your purchases, contact Apple Support for further assistance. No matter what issue you're having with downloading apps on your iPhone, there are several ways to try and fix it.

From adding a payment method to checking your internet connection and enabling downloads and purchases from iTunes & App Store - these 13 methods should help solve any problem of apps not downloading on your iPhone.

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